The Epic Tale of

Carlos’ Poco Loco

It all started with a journey

from Jalisco, Mexico to northwest Ohio. More than a century following the May 5th Battle of Puebla in 1862, chef Carlos Mendez and family ventured out with a mission: to create and share superior, authentic and 100% fresh Mexican food. It only made sense to pair that delicious food with 100% agave tequila. And so that’s just what the Mendez family did as they opened their first restaurant, Cocina de Carlos, in Perrysburg, Ohio in 2004. While competitors scoffed at the idea of nothing ever frozen but the ice cubes, nothing in cans and everything from scratch, Carlos was at work in the kitchen (cocina) quietly building an army of devoted followers who could taste the difference. And professionals took note too. Dozens of awards followed and The True Taste of Mexico™ began to change the way northwest Ohio thought of Mexican food. Seven restaurants later, throughout the Toledo area, it’s well known that Carlos embraces freshness with a passion, yielding mouth-watering results. Lines of patrons with faces full of excitement and anticipation, excitedly gather each time a new restaurant opens.

Some may find Carlos’ never-ending quest for better Mexican food a bit crazy.

And it’s true. Sitting back and relaxing isn’t really his style. So naturally, when the new Uptown cantina was envisioned, he decided to dial things up a notch. He’s introduced Cuban food into the mix and the result is a mind-blowing Mexi-Cuban fusion experience aptly named Poco Loco. The newest and quite possibly craziest venture of them all. Poco Loco literally means “a little crazy” and let’s be honest, any great party gets a little loco. But when it comes to the food, Poco Loco translates to a fresh stance on Mexican cuisine with an infusion of authentic Cuban dishes. And by authentic, we mean it. Poco Loco’s Cuban sous chef is dedicated to bringing authentic Cuban food to the table.

Speaking of bringing food to the table. Carlos’ motto has always been Fresh Takes Longer™ — Especially as we break in our new kitchen. We appreciate your patience and don’t mind us if we seem a little loco. We are. But that means good things are heading your way. We recommend you try one of our tequila drinks to sip and relax while you wait for what’s to come.